Horizon Media Studios, Inc. is a Christ-Centered, 501(c)(3) non-profit media ministry with a commitment to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through television, internet, and other media outlets. Our production team features other non-profit organizations for a special series produced for television without commercial sponsors or advertisers. It is designed to raise awareness and encourage personal involvement. The Producers will be selecting organizations to feature on upcoming shows and programs.


Chuck Reich
    Annette Reich
      Jay McKinney
        Steven Myers
          Donna Crowley
            Bill Schott
              Hal Byran
                Mary Bryan

                  MEET OUR TEAM

                  Kyle Keegan
                    Robert Oliver
                      Frank Reich
                        Lauren Reich
                          Tina Marie Griffin
                            Pamela Mwale
                              Lisa Gruccio
                                Andrew Ruffolo
                                  Anthony Salerno
                                    Marianne Burkett
                                      Sarah Cavazos-Wagner
                                        Tiffany Roney
                                          Mike Lindell