You have a story to share – or a message of inspiration, instruction and hope

Through our publishing partnership we can help you get published!
Combining a book with our broadcast expertise gives you a powerful ministry combination to reach and connect with more people.
· You retain all rights to your message
· You can purchase books to distribute and resell at discounts up to 85% off
· Your book receives national and international exposure and distribution
· Full marketing strategy and support
· Every books is developed in a personalized, customized way – this is not self-publishing!

“Having worked with more than five traditional publishing houses in the publication of more than ten of my books, I decided to take the leap into the hybrid publishing model offered by HigherLife. I have been blown away by their service, their attention to detail, and their rapid response to questions … it will be hard to ever expect anything less. Likewise, the active role they took in the marketing and design of the book, from start to finish, has exceeded my expectations.” – Laurie Beth Jones – Author, Speaker, Consultant & Coach – with over 1 million readers and multiple bestsellers including Jesus, CEO

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